Tinctures are another form for oral ingestion or topical application of cannabis. Tinctures can be created by using alcohol or glycerine to extract the compounds. The most popular alcohol to use is Everclear 190 proof or Bacardi 151; however, an organic grain alcohol is preferred. Since it has a higher alcohol content to help with the extracting process. Tinctures are for using a few drops sublingually (under the tongue) and it will take about 30 minutes to take effect.
There are multiple ways of making tinctures, but the basic process can be done two ways one is simple and takes longer or it can be done in a shorter period of time but more complex and with a more safety concern.

Decarb the medicine, then grind the medicine, fill mason jar 2/3 way with medicine, fill the rest with alcohol or glycerin, shake for 3 full minutes, strain the mixture and place into tincture bottles

Decarb, grind, fill mason jar, place jar with mixture in a pot of water at a low rolling boil, the alcohol will start to boil off and speed up the extraction process (BE CAREFUL if using alcohol) watch it for a couple of hours (do not leave the stove) let the mixture cool down, strain the mixture and bottle.

Remember to keep your tinctures in a dark place because the light will degrade the medicine. *annoiting oil**

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