Cannabis Oil

***Disclaimer: This blog does not imply a recommendation that anyone engage in any activity that might violate the laws of the state or country in which s/he lives***

The oil is from an alcohol extraction to make an extreme concentration of THC. Most only need a pea size amount or used topically like for skin cancer. It can also be encapsulated or mixed in with medicated edibles.




7 Easy Steps to Quality Homemade Cannabis Oil
— Instructions below are provided by GuerillaHealer
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1. Gather your materials: cheese cloth, cooking medium (butter maker, rice cooker, stovetop), small pot, large pot, pan, wooden spoon, spatula, scale, fan, Ethanol or Everclear , material (trim, small stems no stalks, flowers!! – ground up and dry is best), cooking thermometer that goes over 250 degrees, parchment paper, *concentrated extracts for added activation, paper towels, isopropyl alcohol for cleanup.
-optional: *organic coconut oil or 100% cocoa butter *

2. Clean working space & tools

3. Gauge cooking medium – cook water; take temp. touch therm gauge bottom temp

4. Quick wash – use wooden spoon & big pot, slow easy bath & stir for at least 60 seconds

5. Strain – use clean cheese cloth, strain into smaller pot

6. Cook – low to bottom keep rotating don’t let burn remove from heat when no longer runny use fan to blow directly over the top of the cooking medium, use clean cheese cloth to drape over cooking medium (safely) so that no dust particles blow into the oil from the fan, also make sure no open flames, cigarettes, joints, or burning of any kind near the oil making vicinity. you can scrape off onto parchment and weigh once finished, weighing the piece of parchment you use first, and then reweighing with the oil on it after to determine actual weight of your batch. You can refrigerate, and wait 20-30minutes for it to harden, or you can skip that process, keep it in pot, and go directly to step 7

7. Homogenize (this is also the step for decarboxylation {activating our oil}) –
Before delving into step 7 you may want to weigh your oil. Use your scale to figure out how much you have. use cacao butter for suppository or coconut oil for other. straight works too but coconut oil or butter is a much better delivery method.

*You can use a hotplate. You can exceed 250. I would be careful doing that so as not to burn my medicine and I wouldn’t want to compromise the strength of my oil either. Cooking too long and/or too hot can weaken potency. Feel free to research Decarboxlyation and Cannabis temps. I found a graph though its somewhat old so I wont post it, you can easily Google for yourselves :

**I do not have a hot plate so I use the double boil method. Boil a pan full of water (use a pan large enough for your oil pot to fit in, use the pot (or rice cooker bowl) you made oil in, place that in the boiling water, at this point you should either have the oil in your pot or you are adding it back, also add your coconut oil or your cocoa butter, a 1:1 ratio is acceptable, some people like more coconut oil some less..its all a matter of personal preference plus we don’t want to dilute oil too much (if you are making the oil to use as a topical you can obviously use more coconut oil) When cleaning, don’t wash away the leftover oil.. Use your favorite oil, or butter, and reheat in the bowl to activate the oil or butter to store for later use when making medicated edibles. Bon Appetite!”

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The film posted below will show you real patient testimonies, answers from some pharmaceutical companies and also instructions on how to properly and safely create your Simpson Cannabis Oil. Simpson Oil was developed by Rick Simpson who believed that a cheap easy medicine should be made for anyone in need. However, Rick recommended Naptha as a solvent, but most do not support the use of Naptha because it is carcinogenic. Also over the years people have found that using only Indica strains will put patients into a zombie like state. Whereas using a more Sativa-dominant strain will help the patient feel more energy, focus and have the desire to be functional. You may use the video as a guideline, but we recommend using the “7 Easy Steps” from above.

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